Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Cupcake Outfit for My Little Cupcake

Today it snowed... AGAIN!  It is just incredible that my little Texas town would get snow 2 times in 1 year!  AMAZING!  It didn't stick this time, so it just basically rained down on us all day long.  This snow day was the perfect day for a SEW DAY!  I spent the majority of the day at the sewing machine. 

Jack was running around playing and heard the machine start up.  He ran so fast into my office to see what in the world was making that sound.  I told him what I was doing and asked if he wanted to watch (as if he could really understand what I was saying!)  He held up his hands, so I put him in my lap and let him watch me for a minute.

He seemed really interested and loved the noise the machine made.

I worked all day on a little cupcake top for Mallory.  She already has a white dress shirt with a peter pan collar that she'll wear under it for now.  Some brown pants will complete the outfit.

I still have to make a bow to match.  I'm sure I'll be doing that at midnight tonight so she can wear it tomorrow!  :-)  I'll have to take some pictures of my little cupcake wearing her new outfit tomorrow.

1 comment:

Life Happens said...

Sooo cute! I wish I knew how to sew. I'm embarassed to say I actually own a sewing machine, but have no idea how to use it!

I love the cupcake outfit!

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