Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Party FUN!

Our Valentine Party was a blast!!  The food was out-of-this-world and my mom's cake didn't disappoint!!! 

We decorated the tables with pink geraniums, red rose petals, red candles surrounded by conversations hearts, and little favor gift bags.

The buffet tables

Our gift and dessert table

Brad set up all his camera equipment from work and took each couple's picture as they arrived.  Mallory "helped" us decorate, too!  :-)  Here she is posing in our setup.

A name tag with the name of a famous couple was put on each person's back as they arrived.  Example: Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, Archie & Edith Bunker, etc.  They had to ask yes/no questions and guess who they were.  When they discovered who their famous couple was, they had to find placecards at the tables with that couples name on it to determine where they would sit for the evening. 

We played some fun couples games that everyone really seemed to enjoy!

The winners of our LifeSaver/Toothpick Game!!

We found out that our couples really do know each other well by playing "The Shoe Game".  They could read each other's minds fairly well with a game called "Finish My Phrase".  And we found out who the "best kissers" were with a cherry stem knotting contest.  Each couple ended the night with a 10-second kiss.  ;-)  Overall it was a fun party to put together.  We have a great group of friends who make all events like this extra special.


Life Happens said...

Looks like you guys had a great party. Beautiful decorations, and fun games. Great job!

becky said...

It was fun, Mandy! Thanks for working so hard on it! You are greatly appreciated!

Cindy and crew said...

Whew...glad I'm not in a pic of the lifesaver game! :-) CS and I had a blast!! Thanks to you and your mom for all your hard work and planning. It was a special night!!

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

You better look closer, Cindy! You're in the one that Michelle's in!!! :-) It's not a closeup, but you're there!!! :-)

I'm so glad ya'll had so much fun! It was really fun to plan.

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