Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy... busy... busy!

That's what I've been!!!  This weekend was great - I enjoyed spending time with my incredible Mama!!  Friday night, we went with my parents to a new pizza place and LOVED it!!  In my opinion, our town is really lacking in good pizza places!  For you local readers, Johnny's Pizza in Whitehouse is wonderful!!!  After supper we picked up Andy's (frozen custard that is to die for!!! - Honestly, I have never eaten better "ice cream" - SO RICH!!)  Then, we headed to my house for a game of Canasta.  FUN!!!

Saturday I shopped all day for a new outfit.  I was scheduled to sing a solo in church on Sunday and still had not found anything to wear.  And, I never did!  I wore one of my older outfits, but it was fine.  I couldn't sleep at all on Saturday night.  I was WAY too nervous about singing on Sunday.  I am a soloist and I love to sing!  Despite the fact that my church is HUGE, (we have 3 morning worship services and have about 5000 people every Sunday morning) my nervousness was over the song I was supposed to sing!  I was singing a new song that wasn't as familiar to me.  Have ya'll heard Kari Jobe's "Joyfully"?  It's a beautiful song, but I had never heard it before two weeks ago!  Anyway, it turned out great, but I was so glad when that last service was over.  :-)  God truly answered my prayers for peace, memory, clarity, and confidence. I asked Him to completely take over, sing through me, and be glorified!  And, He did! 

Sunday night my whole family met up for Andy's (yes, again! - it's THAT good!!) and gathered at my daddy's office.  Jack and Micah (my nephew who is 2 weeks younger than Jack), were spun around in the chair by Uncle Josh!  When we stopped them for a picture, Jack said "CHEESE!"  :-)

Fun times!

I hope your weekend was wonderful, too!  I hope to post the Pillow Pet review and giveaway sometime on Tuesday... so check back!!! 

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Whitney said...

I wish I could sing!!! I seriously think I'm tone deaf! :)

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