Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Water Play

One night this week, Mallory asked me if she could help me wash the dishes. What she really wanted to do was play in the water! So, after supper last night, I told her that HER dishes needed to be cleaned. She quickly gathered her plastic tea set and headed to the kitchen sink. I taught her how to wash, rinse, and dry her dishes and she had the best time!

Washing the dishes - standing on the kitchen step stool

Loving every minute of it!!!

Today while Jack was napping, I let Mallory play in her "spray ground" for the first time this year! She LOVED it!!!

At first, it was COLD!

But, she quickly warmed up and splashed, jumped, kicked, and played to her heart's content.

Next time we'll have to get Jack out there with us! That will be a hoot!


Melissa said...

Such a sweet smile standing at the kitchen sink - little future homemaker of America....

The sprayground looks fun...

Godsgalnj said...

So cute!! Your kids are adorable =)

Continue to be blessed!

Cindy and crew said...

I have never thought of teaching them to wash dishes with THEIR dishes...aren't you the smart one?!?! Love Mallory's swimsuit...water play is always fun!

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