Monday, May 17, 2010

In one week...

...I'll be watching the new season of The Bachelorette with my mom.  Yep, the new season starts Monday, May 24th!  Is anyone else addicted to The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows?  My mom and I will climb onto Mallory's bed, kick back, and take it all in.  My dad and my husband think we're crazy, but we have so much fun!  We usually record the show so we can fast-forward through any scenes that are too graphic and we always speed through all the commercials so we can get back to the good stuff!  HA!  :-)  I've already been to the website and checked out the 25 guys Ali has to choose from.  I've got my eye on a couple of cuties and there's a few I'm betting will be sent home pretty quickly based on their bios.  Who knows.  It will be fun to watch the season play out.  If you're a fan like me, take a look at the 25 guys and tell me who you like!  I think Chris H. is really cute!!!  hee hee!

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Robyn said...

Mandy, I just went and looked at all of them since I'm a bachelorette/bachelor freak...opps I mean fan myself...I have to agree with you on Chris H...gee whiz some of those guys are more "groomed" than a lot of women...BAhahahah

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