Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big News!!!

I got some BIG news today!!!!  I am SO excited!!! Without totally spoiling the surprise, let's just say that IF I was asked to do a giveaway from a HUGE company and IF I was given the choice as to which product to give away, what kind of products would ya'll, my WONDERFUL readers, be interested in WINNING?!?!?

Children's toys?  Games?  Baby items?  Cookware?  Bakeware?  Small appliances? Home Decor?  Anything else???
Let me hear from you!!  Is there something you'd love to have for FREE?!?!?  Please comment below and help me out!  Then, be watching for an exciting post with a lot more details!!!!  :-)


Mendi Matus Coke said...

I'll just say YES! I'd love any of those things...or even maybe some free skin products too!

Jennifer said...

any of those things sound great, but of course, with a new baby, i would love baby items or even children's toys! sounds exciting!!

Shelly said...

I'd have to say baby items, too!

Cindy and crew said...

What do you have up your sleeve?!?! How fun! I agree with Mendi...I'll just say YES to any of those!

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