Friday, January 22, 2010

Ladybug Outfit for Mallory - EDITED! :-)

***EDITED - picture of Mallory "modelling" her outfit below and new baby news!!**

It's way after midnight, but I got on a roll with my sewing tonight and couldn't stop!!!  When I get in my sewing mood, you better not get in the way!  HA!!  I wanted so badly to finish the whole outfit tonight, but my little eyes are droopy and I need to get in bed.  I got the top and bow finished, but I still need to make the pants.   Mallory LOVES  full, ruffled dresses that she can twirl in!  I love them on her, too.  I just love to see little girls in ruffles and bows!  Here's what I came up with for the top.  It will be perfect just like this for summer, but until then she has a couple of different white shirts she can wear under it.

It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but the green section has ladybugs and hearts on it!  Isn't that fun fabric?!?!?

My flash was too hot, but I think you get the idea for the bow.  It has the same little ladybugs on it that are on the green part of the top.

I plan to use the black and white polka dot fabric for the pants and add two small ruffles on the bottom out of each of the other fabrics.  I'll post the finished product as soon as it's all done.  :-)

This morning I watched Micah, my nephew, while my sister and her husband went to their sonogram appointment.  Mallory couldn't wait to wear the top I made, so after the late hours I stayed up working on it, I let her!  :-)

Mallory, Jack, Micah, and I strolled through the Olympic Center and watched the helicopters and cars go by.

And it wasn't long before Mommy and Daddy were back and told Micah he was going to have a little BROTHER!

So another baby boy will be here in June!  YEA!  We're all very excited!


Cindy and crew said...

You are too good! I love ladybugs and with black polk-a-dots...too cute! My girls wish I knew how to sew for them...oh well! :-) Keep up the creative work!

Leslie said...

You know when I saw Mallory, I wondered if that was the dress I saw on your blog, I had just looked at it on my blackberry so I wasn't sure (my computer is crazy!)! It caught my eye, because hello!!!ruffles are the best!:) Mallory, is just beautiful!!!So happy for Jamy & Kristin as well!! Blessings...

Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Oh how exciting!

Love the ladybug outfit....I just sewed my first clothes last year.....I'm gearing up for another round, but I'm worried I might have forgotten how to use the machine. HaHa (it was my mom's)

Cindy and crew said...

Okay...I meant to check on the baby news last night...and forgot. And then, I meant to ask you or your mom this morning or at Bible study...and forgot. Glad to know the exciting news! I love the pic of Micah studying the sonogram picture! Congrats to you all!!

whimsy*couture*sewing*tutorials said...

Beautiful dress! Thank you for linking up on "Let's sew"!

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