Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Home

Lately I have been motivated and convicted that my home should reflect God's love and be an inspiration to all who enter it.  I want my home to be inviting and warm.  A place where my family feels loved, nurtured, and cared for.  I've heard it said that your home should be a sanctuary for your soul.  It's wonderful to be surrounded by God's Word and be reminded of His grace.  When I found this scripture, I knew it was going to be the focal point of my living room...

It fits perfectly on our fireplace!

How important to praise God and thank Him for our many blessings?!  Every day as I walk through this room, I notice this scripture and so often will lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for all the Lord has done for me. 

I have other places in my home that draw me to Him and help me focus on Him.  Many, many of those things are pillows, quilts, and special handmade gifts from my mom.  I'll be sharing those soon.  Until then, do you have things in your home that encourage you in your daily walk?  I'd love to hear your ideas and get inspired!

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