Friday, January 29, 2010

Out-of-Season Deer Hunting

Yesterday, Brad did a little deer hunting.  Yes, deer season is definitely over for the year, but he killed a deer anyway.  He didn't use any bullets or a gun.  This time he used his TRUCK!  Yep!  That's right!  He hit a deer going 60 mph in his truck!!!  He had to drive to Huntsville for work yesterday.  To get to Huntsville by 6:45am, he had to leave home by 3:45am!!!  There's an area of the highway that's known for deer spottings, so fortunately, he was well aware of his surroundings.  Around 5:30am, as he drove through the dark, a deer darted out onto the road!  Brad saw it coming, but had no time to avoid it.  I'm so thankful he didn't try to swerve to miss it.  He'd have hit a tree for sure!  The deer was coming full force out of the woods, but when it hit the pavement, it's legs slipped and it lost it's footing.  Instead of standing up and smashing onto Brad's hood and windshield, it's body slipped lower and was hit by the bumper and thrown to the opposite side of the road.  Brad's truck took a beating - busted bumper covered in blood, broken blinker light and fog lights - but he didn't suffer a scratch.  Thank you, Lord, for protecting Brad and watching over him yesterday!!!!  Things could have been A LOT worse!!!  He was truly blessed!!!!


Cindy and crew said...

Oh my! How scary! So glad that Brad is okay...and hope the truck can be fixed easily.

Life Happens said...

A few years ago my husband hit a deer in my car and then went BACK with his friend in his truck to pick up the deer and slaughtered it for meat!

I'm glad your hubby is okay.

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