Thursday, January 7, 2010

Look what I won!!!!!

I just got an email from Jenny of BabyBix Blog.  Out of 648 entries, I won THIS!!!!!

It's the Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set from Summer Infant Company!!!!
It retails for $300!!!  And I won it!!!!
Check out the details about it...

  • 7” LCD color flat screen AND 1.8”color handheld units  
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and 350’ range  
  • Built-in handle, swivel stand & tilt option on flatscreen  
  • Belt clip & flip stand on handheld unit  
  • LED sound lights let you see and hear baby’s every sound  
  • One touch video on/off for night time convenience  
  • Two channel selection to minimize interference

 OH. MY. WORD.  I am so excited!!!  I have an old monitor that I received when Mallory was born that we are still using with Jack.  I have enjoyed it tremendously.  I love being able to hear what's going on in Jack's room at all times during the day and night.  NOW, I'll not only be able to hear what's going on, I'll actually be able to WATCH what's going on.  That is SO cool!!!!
Thank you, Jenny and Summer Infant!!!  This is an incredible blessing!!!!!


Amy Gentry said...

So proud for you! Can't wait to see it:)

silverhartgirl said...

Congrats!!! That is so great! Congrats

Leslie said...

You are so good at winning stuff!!! Congrats! That IS very cool!!:)

Cindy and crew said...

You are TOO GOOD! I can't believe you have won all this stuff! Maybe if I entered more giveaways, I would get lucky sometimes, too... Way to go!

Debra Muccio said...

Oh my!!! my question is, will you just stare at the screen all night? Haha I'd be so curious to watch my little one.

Yeah for you!

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