Saturday, January 30, 2010

Canton Shopping Trip

This past Thursday the weather forecast predicted 90% rain!  It was also the first day for Canton Trade Days this month.  And, Friday and Saturday, the other Canton days, were supposed to be COLD!  My mom and I had been planning to go to Canton this month and couldn't wait for this day to arrive.  We hadn't been since October and we were feeling deprived and ready for some shopping fun!!!  :-)  We continued to watch the weather report just hoping for a change.  Unfortunately, nothing changed.  We decided to skip Canton this month and try again for next month.  That was until I woke up Thursday morning and there was no rain in site!  Yes, there were plenty of clouds, but it wasn't raining!  We can handle clouds, but rain is another story.  For those who don't know, Canton is an outside shopping wonderland.  Vendors from all over the country come and bring their fabulous goods!  There are many pavillions that house most of the vendors, but getting from pavillion to pavillion can be tough if it's raining.  Anyway, back to my story... after I realized it wasn't raining, I immediately called my mom to discuss the situation.  After a quick chat we knew what we had to do....  GO!!!  We got ready, got the kids dressed and we headed out!!!

We got to Canton around 11:00am and couldn't believe the crowds.... NOBODY was there!  It was such a ghost town!  The vendors were there, but shoppers were scarce!!!  WOO-HOO!!!  FUN, FUN, FUN!!!  I guess we weren't the only ones scared of the rainy forecast!  We shopped until 2:30 when some rain started and then made our way to The Canton Marketplace, an indoor shopping center filled with more great shops.  We had a blast!!  I got a picture frame, metal cross wall collage, and a metal Christmas decoration for half price.  I don't have pictures of anything except this one of the kids.  The kids were great, by the way!  Mallory LOVES to go to Canton.  And, Jack rode around in his stroller and slept part of the time. 
Here are the kids as we're getting ready to leave the Canton grounds.  We let Jack stretch his legs and walk around for a little bit.  You can see how empty the place is.  This pavillion is usually packed full of people, strollers, carts, and kids!  All in all, the bad, rainy weather held off and we had a really fun day!!!


Life Happens said...

Congrats, you are the winner of my Spring Fever giveaway for the picnic basket. Please email me with your address and CSN will send it directly to you.


Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

WOW!!! I'm thrilled!!! I'll be emailing you rignt now! THANKS!!!

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