Monday, March 22, 2010

The 2-Seater & Softball

Kohl's has some wonderful strollers that I just discovered!!!  They seat 2 kids!!!  We tried it out today with Mallory and Jack.  What fun we had shopping!!  Mallory played train (she was the engine) and Jack played roller-coaster!  He said, "Wheeeeeee!!!!" as we strolled through the store.

Getting in for the 1st time!

Jack even looks like he's on a roller coaster!!  HA!

I can't complain because the kids are usually very good when we go shopping.  But, this was fun and definitely made our shopping experience much more enjoyable for everybody!!!

Tonight Brad and Uncle Josh had their 2nd softball game of the season.  It was an early game (compared to the 9:15 and 10:10 games!), so I took the kids to see them play.  It was pretty cold, so we bundled up a lot!!!  Nana, Jack, and I sat in the car for the majority of the game, but Mallory and Papa endured the cold and sat in the stands the whole game.

Mallory and Papa
(Unfortunately this was the only picture I took of them!  I didn't realize her eyes were closed!  UGH!)

Mallory cheering for Daddy at the fence

Mallory, Daddy, and Jack

Jack even cheered a little bit.  "Go!  Go!  Go!" he said.  We had a great time and they won the game 13-11.  YEA!

Just a reminder.... Tuesday (3/23) is the last day to enter my Three Cups children's book giveaway!!! There are 87 entries so far!!!  I'll announce the winner on Wednesday.  Good luck!  :-)

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