Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Adventures

Today Mallory went to a birthday party for a sweet little friend.  It was held at a local amusement park that had putt-putt, go-cart tracks, bumper boats, and a huge game room.  It was our first time to go there, so we weren't 100% sure of what to expect.  Mallory has a fear of the unknown, so she was very apprehensive about it all.  The first thing we saw when we arrived was a dark game room that was somewhat loud.  Mallory grabbed my hand as we rushed through to get to the outside party area.  Once outside, we saw a big pool area filled with bumper boats.  She watched the boats for a little bit while the party guests were arriving.  After cake, ice cream, and presents the kids were released to their parents to go play! 

Mallory got her nerve up and decided she really wanted to ride the boats.  I was concerned for her, because I know she's not much of the "carnival-type".  She likes things like the merry-go-round and small rides, but she's afraid of the bigger stuff.  When it was her turn to get in the boat, she wanted ME to ride with her!! 

Now, what most of you don't know about me is I get seasick, really easy!  But, hey, this was not the ocean or a big lake.  It was just bumper boats for heaven's sake.  I could do this!!!  We boarded the boat and the motor was started.  We were given very brief instructions and told to go!  Oh man!  We got going ok and then all our boat would do was spin in a circle!  Spin, rock, spin, spin, rock, rock, bump, rock, bump, spin, spin! 
Do you get the picture???? 

We were stuck in the middle of the pool area spinning, rocking, and getting bumped. Mallory said, "Mommy, how do we get back to shore?!"  My head was spinning and I can honestly say I was definitely ready to "get back to shore!!!"  Holy cow!!!  I believe God stepped in and took control of that little boat, because somehow it made it's way back to a "parking spot" on the "shore" and we were able to get out!  WHEW!!!!!  I can't tell you how dizzy and weak-in-the-knees I was when I got out of that water!  Somebody asked Mallory if she liked it and she said, "Yes, but my mommy got seasick!"  HA!  It was "fun", but lordy, I was glad when that boat made it to the shore!!!!  :-)

I convinced Mallory that we should go inside and play some of the games and fortunately she agreed.  Here are a few pictures of our day.  I don't have any of our boat ride, so you'll just have to imagine that one!  :-)  (These were taken with the camera on my phone, so they're not the best.)

Little Brother Watching the Fun

After the party, we met up with Nana and went shopping.  It was Jack's turn to wiggle a little bit and Mallory was tired, so SHE got in the stroller and HE pushed it!  :-)

Every so often, he'd decide to be the leader and take off running!  :-)

He's my cutie-pie!  :-)

Wow, what an adventurous day!  I'm ready for a hot shower!  :-)

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