Saturday, March 6, 2010

No balloon animals for Jack!

A few weeks ago, my dad had to go to the Fort Worth area for a convention.  My mom, kids, and I went along and shopped while he worked.  We found some fabulous new little boutiques in Arlington called The Shoppes at Brownstone Village.  We also went to a Home Goods and The Parks Mall.  The shopping was a lot of fun, but I think the only thing I bought was some pants for Mallory at a sale going on at Dillards. 

The day of shopping fun was topped off with our favorite restaurant - Pappadeaux's!!!  They had a balloon artist who came to our table and made some balloon creations for the kids. 

Mallory asked for a flower and was extremely pleased with her selection!!!

But when Jack saw THIS coming his way...

He did NOT know what to think!!!

Check out these eyes!!!

I'm telling you he watched her EVERY move!!

He was not about to let whatever she was out of his site!!!

And when she tried to put the balloon turtle she made for him on his wrist, he slapped it away like I would if a big bug had crawled on my arm!!  (Oh, awful thought!)  Poor baby!  He quickly recovered though, and gobbled down my plate of french fries... the kid LOVES french fries!  I hope the clown incident doesn't scar him for life!  :-)  Overall, it was a really fun little trip!

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Cindy and crew said...

I'm laughing! His eyes do show exactly what he was wondering - who is this strange person?!?

My kids have acted the same way about the Chick-fil-a Cow and the Texas Roadhouse Armadillo...except usually with screams!

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