Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shopping Trip

Yesterday, my children, my mom, my sister, my nephew, and I hopped in the suburban and took a little trip to Dallas to shop.  You know the saying, "What happens at  (wherever), stays at (wherever)."  Well, I was specifically told NOT to post a few of our day's events on my blog.  :-)  So, I will obey, but let's just say that when you get a hungry, pregnant girl and 3 little cousins together, things get silly!!!  We had a blast and look forward to another trip very soon!

Although we hardly bought anything, our trip was really pretty successful.  Our first stop was our favorite fabric store and Kristin found the fabric she's going to use in her nursery for Gavin.  It's absolutely precious!!!  The kids played in the store and had so much fun. 

Jack found the stores yardsticks and shared his exciting find with Mallory and Micah. 

He carried his yard stick all around the store.  He was one happy little boy.  Here he is dragging it behind him.

He did a little measuring, too.  :-)

We ended up coming home with 4 free yardsticks and fabric swatches for Gavin's bedding.  Not too bad!

The only thing we actually bought on the entire trip was this frame I had to have for Jack.  I had bought one with Mallory's name several years ago at Canton, but needed one with Jack's name.  I couldn't believe it when I stumbled upon them!  Now, I've just got to find just the perfect picture to go in it.

Aren't these just too cute!?!?!  Once again - I love personalized things!!!


MelissaStuff said...

Hey! Are you going to share your "favorite fabric store" for the rest of us local DFW residents or is it a secret?

Enjoy reading your post.

Melissa G. said...

I love picture frames and those name one are beautiful!

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

Sorry about that!! I didn't mean for it to be a secret. :-) The fabric store we love is called Cutting Corners and is in Addison. It's about 1/2 mile north of 635 on Midway. They have gorgeous fabrics and trims at very reasonable prices!! Let me know if you need better directions and I'll help you find it!

Cindy and crew said...

Wish I had know you were going to Cutting Corners! I needed some more polk-a-dot fabric! Oh well...guess I'll have to plan my own DFW trip (boo-hoo...twist my arm...). Glad ya'll had a fun time! Would love to see Gavin's nursery once it's done!

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