Monday, March 15, 2010

Ranky Tanky Review

I received the most wonderful cd this week!!  Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem, an acclaimed American string band, proudly announced the national retail release of their first family music CD, Ranky Tanky!!!  Ranky Tanky features 17 fabulous songs for kids of all ages!! 

Mallory, Jack, and I have been singing along all week and have loved it!  The Purple People Eater has become one of our favorites!  The entire cd is uplifting and fun.  It's filled with catchy melodies and funky beats that are easy to sing and and fun to dance to!  The release date for this wonderful cd is TODAY, March 15, 2010!!  It retails for $15 and can be purchased from various retailers, CDBaby and the Ranky Tanky website. 

Many thanks to Beth at Sugar Mountain PR for giving me the opportunity to review this cd!!

***Disclaimer - I received this cd for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influnced in any way.***

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