Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Blessing for Me and Extra Entries Opportunity for YOU!

There's a new site called The DIY Dish that is going to become one of my all-time favorites for sewing! Check out this video!

To help kick-off their new program, they are giving away two dream machines! I need all of my non-sewing friends and readers to enter and win one for me!! :-) You can enter the giveaway here, but if you win, you have to give the machine to me!!!  You think I'm kidding?!?!?!?  :-)  Seriously, this would really be a blessing, so I'm hoping I win!!  The giveaway ends March 30th, so get out there and enter for me!!  If you decide to enter for me, leave a comment below and let me know that you did!  I'll give you 10 extra entries into any giveaway on my site (I've got several great giveways coming soon!!!)  Thanks a TON!!  :-)


Charlotte said...

I entered for you! Good luck! Hope you get this!

Melissa Miller said...

Mandy how cute!

Have a blessed day. ~Melissa :)

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