Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One BIG Picture

How do you take a picture of 300 million people????  I asked my husband, the professional photographer, and he said, "300 million?!?!?  I guess you'd have to take it from space!"  Watch this!!!  :-)

Truly, 300 million people is an astronomical number to consider!  However, that's the approximate number of people living in the United States.  And, this year is a census year!  I've been asked to help encourage you to fill out your census survey and send it in!!  It's important for America to have a "snapshot" of everyone.  :-)  You can help by doing your part.  Everyone needs to be counted.

***Disclaimer - I was paid monetarily to promote this video and the 2010 US Census.***

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Thanks for helping spread awareness of the Census. I don' think people realize just how important it is. There's really no excuse not to fill it out cause it benefits everyone to do so. Mine has been filled out and sent just today :)

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