Saturday, March 27, 2010

Label Daddy Photo Stickers - Review & Discount Code

When I first spoke with Label Daddy about reviewing their products, I was really excited!!!  You see, I have always been envious of the labels my sister-in-law used to identify of all my little nephew's bottles, cups, spoons, and bowls.  She had received these as a baby shower gift and they were so great!  When Mallory was a baby, the church nursery workers informed me that everything I brought to church had to be labelled!  So, being the thrifty gal that I am, I decided to use Microsoft Word and make some labels on my computer. I was so proud of myself until the 1st day Mallory came home from church and all the labels were smeared from drippy milk!  And, I quickly learned it wasn't the best idea because as soon as we got home, I would have to start scraping the paper labels off so I could put them in the dishwasher.  And, most of us know that paper labels don't always come off easily and they always seem to leave that sticky goo behind!  One day I'd had enough scraping, so I just put everything in the dishwasher with the labels still on them!  Bad idea!  I had a sticky, paper mess all in my dishwasher and everything that used to have a label on it, now had sticky goo that wouldn't come off!!!

So, you can understand why I was elated when I was given the chance to review Label Daddy's products!!!  While Label Daddy has a huge assortment of products, here's what they sent me to review...

Five sticker sheets with four photos on each, all tucked away in this neat little zippered bag...

I got right to work labelling Mallory's things!  My favorite things to label were her cups and her jacket!!!  Yes, I put a label inside her jacket!  Then, I put the Label Daddy sticker to the ultimate test!  I washed and dried it!!!  And would you believe that that label looked as good coming out of the dryer as it did when I first put it inside the jacket!  I was amazed!!!  And when I washed Mallory's cups in the dishwasher, there was no sticky mess, nothing smeared, and they are ready to use again!!!

These photo labels are wonderful!!!  They are microwave safe, too!

Are your kids going to go to summer camp this summer?  It's not too soon to start thinking about how you're going to label all of their things!  Fortunately for you, Label Daddy has just launched a new promotion to help you out!!

Label Daddy Labels are the only labels out there that are laminated!

Why? Other labels will smear/run when coming into contact with lotions, sunscreens, etc....all things that your little ones will have at camp (and all summer long.) There's no point in labeling your children's items only to have the labels be unreadable after a gob of sunscreen gets on them (because we know our kids love to smear that stuff everywhere, lol!)

My little Mallory will start school this fall!  Label Daddy has a wonderful assortment of labels for all of her school supplies, backpack, lunch box, and books.  These will be a must-have for our back-to-school shopping list!

Right now, Label Daddy is offering 20% off your Label Daddy order by using the code SUMMERFUN at check out! Shipping is only $5.95 anywhere in the US or Canada.  Go order now and get that checked off your To-Do list!!!

Many thank to Label Daddy for offering these photo stickers to review!

***Disclaimer - I received these photo stickers from Label Daddy for review purposes only.  I received no monetary compensation.  The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.***


Amy Gentry said...

Mandy, I just ordered some labels for Macy! I know the nursery workers will appreciate it since I have yet to label any of her things:) Thanks for sharing and letting us know about the discount code!

Label Daddy Mommy said...

Thank you for your great review Mandy, you really covered it all! Just like you, I'm sure I would have attempted to make my own labels first and likely would have ended up with the same result in the bottom of my dishwasher!

I love how great Label Daddy labels look after washing too (in the dishwasher or washing machine).

Enjoy your beautiful photo labels Mandy!

William Christian said...

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